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Sick of being censored?

Tired of mods who won't let you spit flame about who or whatever in the sports world that's got you miffed?

Wanna just run off at the mouth?!

You've come to the right place. Here, we make no excuses, pull no punches, censor no rants. Feel free to just let 'er rip at your target of choice, be it a player, fans, a coach, an owner, or even an entire sport!

Foul language is accepted encouraged, but let's be reasonable: if you're going to say 'fuck' 40 times in a post, lj-cut it, for those who might be checking LJ from work or whatnot.

All fun aside, let's try and steer away from personal attacks. For example,

Cubs fans are a bunch of fucktards!

is acceptable, but stay away from

cubs_fan_journal is a fucktard!... unless their fucktardary is a mutally acknowledged fact.

You can find more creative ways to poke fun at someone than that, I'm sure.

Spamming will NOT be tolerated, and any spammers will be banned and have their posts deleted ASAP.

Community promotion, however, is OK, as long as the community is sports-related.

I, and only I, have the final say in what and who goes and stays, what is acceptable or not, and what goes down in general. That said, I'm sure we're all semi-adults at least, and can come to a mutual agreement.
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